25 July 2013

. a guy broke my heart .

it was you!
who read this entry!
dammn! i like u so much!
but why u like her?
why? why? why?
it's me that stand by ur side everyday...
but it will always be her that u think about...
why u didn't see me?
because im dull or fat?
not up to date?

22 May 2011

~ Quote ~

There is nothing more to show,
But, still I want you to know,
You are the best person I ever knew,
No matter what, I will always love you..!!

U're so hard to forget..

u're the best moment in my life that i won't forget for the rest of mylife...
being with you, i knew my real2 self...i knew what is love...
i knew how to miss someone...miss your smile...your jokes...
i hope u'll find ur life...without me...i'll always pray for u...

welcome to my blog..!

thank you for being here!! hope u'll enjoy!! 

21 May 2011


A real story...in the cyber world...

Girl : i'm so sorry!
Boy : apologize rejected..
Girl : = )
Boy : still smile although your apology rejected?
Girl : it is not a mistake, right?
Boy : no..not really..but, don't fake your real smile..
Girl : you want me cry for it?
Boy : please don't cry
Girl : = ) 

(~in the real world, the girl wiping her tears~)

20 May 2011

I MISS U...!

I Miss My Real Smile
I Miss those Calls till 4 am
I Miss the way You Say My Name
I Miss the Texting
I Miss the Chats
I Miss the Stuff You Say that Make Me Smile
I Miss that Feeling In My Tummy
I Miss the way You'd knOw when SomeThing was wrOng
I Miss those Days
I'm writing this Here, Cause I Can't Tell You How Much I Miss You
Cause Maybe, when I'm Missing You , You're Still Not Missing Me :((

Ur mine ..

I'll never give u away..
I'll never give up on u..
I chose u as the one.. 
The one tht completes me ..
So dnt u ever think tht I'll b ready ,
to get back as uncompleted ..

Life is unpredictable...

When u have standards,
People call it Attitude..

.........When u are simple..
People try to cheat u..

And when u need love..
It the best time 4 them 2 play wif u...

24 April 2011


Siapa sangka.....CPNews.Net Page  yang aku wujudkan telah 
mencapai target 100 likes dalam masa seminggu...
alhamdulillah, Allah berkati usaha kami ini....
kini, kami melangkah setapak lagi mewujudkan
 web kami yang tersendiri...CPNews.Net Web

03 April 2011

First of all...

'Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang'

- indah- cantik - lawa -sedap didengar- sedap menyebut jua- 
 - makna yang tersirat - maksud yang mendalam -