22 May 2011

~ Quote ~

There is nothing more to show,
But, still I want you to know,
You are the best person I ever knew,
No matter what, I will always love you..!!

U're so hard to forget..

u're the best moment in my life that i won't forget for the rest of mylife...
being with you, i knew my real2 self...i knew what is love...
i knew how to miss someone...miss your smile...your jokes...
i hope u'll find ur life...without me...i'll always pray for u...

welcome to my blog..!

thank you for being here!! hope u'll enjoy!! 

21 May 2011


A real story...in the cyber world...

Girl : i'm so sorry!
Boy : apologize rejected..
Girl : = )
Boy : still smile although your apology rejected?
Girl : it is not a mistake, right?
Boy : no..not really..but, don't fake your real smile..
Girl : you want me cry for it?
Boy : please don't cry
Girl : = ) 

(~in the real world, the girl wiping her tears~)

20 May 2011

I MISS U...!

I Miss My Real Smile
I Miss those Calls till 4 am
I Miss the way You Say My Name
I Miss the Texting
I Miss the Chats
I Miss the Stuff You Say that Make Me Smile
I Miss that Feeling In My Tummy
I Miss the way You'd knOw when SomeThing was wrOng
I Miss those Days
I'm writing this Here, Cause I Can't Tell You How Much I Miss You
Cause Maybe, when I'm Missing You , You're Still Not Missing Me :((

Ur mine ..

I'll never give u away..
I'll never give up on u..
I chose u as the one.. 
The one tht completes me ..
So dnt u ever think tht I'll b ready ,
to get back as uncompleted ..

Life is unpredictable...

When u have standards,
People call it Attitude..

.........When u are simple..
People try to cheat u..

And when u need love..
It the best time 4 them 2 play wif u...